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Since I’m now a homeowner, decor is my thing. We’ve been chipping away on little projects to make this great home, OUR home. Unsure of what to put on your front door? A TIMELESS wreath! ‘Tis the season too… to find some holiday decor BUT the best part about these, you don’t have to ever take them down! They can be up all year round spreading joy and comfort. You can even decorate them during each season: flowers for spring, beach shells for summer, leaves for fall, and red berries for winter.

large / 20" x 20" (first picture)
medium / 16" x 16" (second picture)
small / 12" x 12" (third picture)

Most pieces are made to order. Please give us up to 2 weeks for your items to arrive—they will most likely arrive sooner.

Custom orders with elements from this design are welcome.

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